The Best Procedure For Getting A Flat Tummy

You may have tried exercising and going to the gym, but your belly never flattens out. The good news is that there are so many medical procedures that can help you achieve your goal of a flat stomach without much strain. However, it is tough to choose which method is best for you.

You probably have read about so many methods of removing fat deposits from your abdomen, and the main ones are tummy tucks and liposuction. A tummy tuck refers to the removal of fats and skin that is in excess around your abdomen and restoration of separated and weakened muscles. This is why the procedure is helpful in attaining a firm and flat tummy. It is preferred to liposuction for so many reasons, and you need to understand them very well before making a decision as discussed below.

Tummy Tucks vs. Liposuction

Both methods may help you attain a flat stomach. Tucking the tummy is, however, best at this if your stomach must appear very smooth. While liposuction can be used to remove excess fats on different parts of the body, it does not perfectly do away with all that makes your tummy sag. Compared to other areas of the body, the stomach can lose its elasticity very quickly. This is true especially for mothers who have had several pregnancies.

All that liposuction does is to remove the excess fat, but it does not aid in skin retraction. That means, even with the fats removed, the skin around the abdomen may still hang. This is why a tummy tuck may be your best option. It is especially recommended when you want a lasting solution. This is because; it removes both the excess fats and any excess skin that is causing your stomach to hang.

How About Combining The Two Methods?

Since you are now aware that liposuction may not get you the flat tummy you desire, you should consider the option that can achieve satisfactory results. It is, however, important to note that the surgeon also does little liposuction during the procedure to adjust the hips so that they match the tummy. It is advisable not to insist on a complete liposuction if you go for a tummy tuck since too much liposuction is harmful. The doctor will help you decide on what works best for you.

When Is Liposuction The Best Option?

The reason why some people prefer a liposuction is that it is a relatively easier process that has fewer complications compared to the above stated alternative procedure. However, there are cases that liposuction will be preferred.

The only people who are advised to use liposuction instead of a tummy tuck are those whose skin is still tight. A tummy tuck would still work, but it will not do more than a liposuction can; since the difference is its ability to get rid of excess skin. It is the best solution for long lasting skin tightness as well as a smooth and flat stomach.

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